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    • Tophat Soccer Complex Updated:06.20.2017 08:41AM
    • Tophat 1 Updated:06.20.2017 08:41AM
    • Tophat 2 Updated:06.20.2017 08:41AM
    • Tophat 3 Updated:06.20.2017 08:41AM
    • Tophat 4 Updated:06.20.2017 08:41AM
    • Metro Park Updated:06.21.2017 01:15PM
    • Metro 1 Updated:06.21.2017 01:15PM
    • Metro 2 Updated:06.21.2017 01:15PM
    • Metro 3 Updated:06.21.2017 01:15PM
    • Metro 4 Updated:06.21.2017 01:15PM
    Tophat is the premier girls soccer club in the southeast. We are a club that is committed to a player development model with a major focus on technical development at the younger ages. In addition, we are committed to providing opportunities for girls of all ability and commitment levels to play within our club. Our coaching staff are dedicated to working together to create a seamless development environment in which players are exposed to multiple high level coaches in various competitive environments and situations. We strive to develop top quality soccer players but more importantly strong, confident young women that know they are capable of achieving greatness. 
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