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Fall 4 v 4 Blast

11/3/17: Schedules are posted

DATES: Games will be played on Tuesday, November 7th at Metro North Park.

ENTRY DEADLINE: Application period closes on Wednesday, November 1st at 11:59 PM.

ENTRY FEE: $100.00 (Early Bird Discount registered by October 20th)
$120.00 (After October 20th)
$25.00 for Free Agent.

To register, log into your NASA blue Sombrero account, click on available programs and select Fall 4 v 4 Blast!

TEAMS: Age groups are Under 8 through U14.  Roster Limits - minimum of 4 and a maximum of 6 per team.

GAMES: 3 games minimum guaranteed. Duration - 2 x 12 minute halves.  Games will kick off at 9:00 AM and Finals will conclude by 5:00 PM.  Concessions will be available or players can pack a lunch and snacks.  There will be supervision of players for the day.

DIVISIONS: Teams will be grouped according to their level of play in order to make the most competitive divisions possible.
Under 08 - Player Born on or after January 1, 2010 and December 31, 2010
Under 09 - Player Born on or after January 1, 2009 and December 31, 2009
Under 10 - Player Born on or after January 1, 2008 and December 31, 2008
Under 11 - Player Born on or after January 1, 2007 and December 31, 2007
Under 12 - Player Born on or after January 1, 2006 and December 31, 2006
Under 13 - Player Born on or after January 1, 2005 and December 31, 2005
Under 14 - Player Born on or after January 1, 2004 and December 31, 2004

AWARDS: Individual awards for first place will be given in each division.

QUESTIONS: Contact Eric Ritter at eric.ritter@nasa-ga.org


Game Duration
A game will consist of two 12 minutes halves.
A coin toss will determine initial ball possession. The team that wins the toss will have the opportunity to choose either ball possession or what side of the field to start on.

Number of players
Each team will consist of no more than six (6) players. Four players are allowed on a field per team at a time. There is NO goalkeeper.
You cannot play for two teams in the same division. In the event that one player is playing for two teams in the same division, both teams will be disqualified.

Player registration
All players must be registered on the team roster before they can play.  Registration takes place through the NTH website

Goal scoring
A goal may be scored anytime after the ball has passed the half field line.
If a player shoots the ball prior to the halfway line, and the ball enters the goal, the goal will not count.
If a player shoots the ball prior to the halfway line, and the ball hits an opposing player, and then enters the goal, the goal will not count.

Goal Box
No player is allowed into the goal box at any point in time, unless they are retrieving a dead ball from their own goal. If a player enters the goal box, a penalty kick will be awarded to the opposing team.
If an attacking team’s player enters the box a goal kick will be awarded to the defending team.
A goal kick is placed inside the goal box and played out.
The player has five (5) seconds to release the ball back into play. If the player does not release the ball within five (5) seconds a penalty kick will be awarded to the opposing team.

There are no off-sides.

Penalty kicks
Penalty kicks shall be awarded if the referee has reason to believe that a scoring opportunity has been nullified by an infraction.
The penalty kick shall be taken from the halfway line without a goalie in net, and with all other players behind the halfway line.
U8, U10 & U12 – The ball may be played along the ground and into the goal.
U14  – The ball cannot touch the ground until inside the goal box, if the ball touches the ground prior to the goal box the goal will not count.
The team that incurred the infraction will get possession after the kick in the form of a goal kick, regardless of whether or not a goal is scored.

If the ball is played to hand, referees’ discretion applies.
If the player intentionally handles the ball in play a yellow card will be given to the player and ball will be played from that spot.
If the player intentionally handles the ball and as a result prevents a goal, the player who obstructed the ball will get a red card and a penalty kick will be given to the opposing team.

Yellow cards
A player can receive a yellow card for foul language, talking back to the referee, tackling, roughing or an intentional handball.
A player that receives his or her second yellow card will automatically receive a red card, and must leave the game immediately. The player will also be suspended for the next game.

Red cards
A player can receive a red card for foul language talking back to the referee, tackling from behind, a hand ball preventing an obvious goal scoring opportunity, retaliation or fighting.
If the referee decides the incident warrants a red card, or if the player receives two yellow cards during the course of the game. The player red carded must leave the game immediately and will be suspended for the next game. The team that the player is on is able to replace them with another player immediately, they do not play a man down for any period of time.

Kick off, free kicks
When a free kick is awarded the defending team must be at least 3 yards away from the ball.

Kick – Ins
There will be kick ins instead of throw ins

Tie games in finals
If tied after regulation, all finals will have one 5 minute period. If a tie still exists, the game will move into penalty kicks.

Substitutions can be made any time. The person going off cannot be part of the play and the player that is going off must off the field before the other player can enter.
A penalty kick will be awarded if a team has too many players on the field.

Scoring of points
3 points for a win
1 point for a tie
0 for a loss

Tie Breakers
Most Points
Head To Head
Net Goal Differential (Total Goals scored minus goals scored against maximum of +3 or -3 per match)
Least number of goals allowed (No limit)
Penalty Kicks


Team must provide their own uniforms.
All players must wear the same color shirts while competing in the game.
Players will be given practice vest in case two teams have the same color.
A coin toss will decide which team will wear the practice vest.
No jewelry will be allowed, including earrings of any type, as well as rope necklaces, watches and bracelets. Players with medical bracelets are exempt.

Event equipment
All players must wear shin guards.
All players must wear shorts.
All players must wear soccer shoes

NASA Tophat reserves the right to cancel any divisions due to sign-ups.
Players may play up an age bracket, but not down.
NASA Tophat management reserves the right to combine age groups due to sign-ups
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