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Teams electing to do Express Check-In DO NOT need to attend registration at the Atlanta Marriott. To qualify for the express check-in please follow these instructions.
1. Go to your GOT Soccer team page
2. Click on the event located under "Event Registration History"
3. Click on the "Documents" tab on the far right
4. Load Documents: The following documents must be uploaded into your team's GOT Soccer account no later than Thursday, May 18th. (Any changes made after the May 18th deadline may disqualify you from Express Check-In unless communicated to the Tournament Director.)
Approved/Certified Roster from your State/National Association
Release of Liability
Medical release for each player
Valid 2016 - 2017 Player Passes

All uploaded files should be in PDF format. Documents uploaded in JPEG format will not be accepted. No photos of documents will be accepted.

Documents should be uploaded as 1 file per category rather than individually scanned and uploaded. Example: Category 1: Player passes *MUST BE IN ALAPHBETICAL ORDER & LEGIBLE, Category 2: Medical Releases *MUST BE IN ALAPHBETICAL ORDER & LEGIBLE, Category 3: Approved Roster.

In addition to the above documents, the team's coach must bring the following with them to each game for verification:  Player/Coach Pass Cards, Game cards.

Anyone NOT participating in Express Check in MUST attend in person registration.

In person Registration will be held at Atlanta Marriott on Friday, May 19, 2017 from 1:00-8:00 P.M. at
200 Interstate Parkway SE.
Atlanta  GA 30339

Forms needed for registration are as follows:

  • Official State roster (1 copy)
  • Release of Liability (1 copy)
  • Medical release forms - for review only
  • Valid 2016-2017 Player passes - for review only
  • Permission to travel/intent to travel for out of state teams (1 copy)
  • Game cards (1 copy per game)

Forms will be available for download upon acceptance of each team. Please do not print your game cards until final schedules have been posted.

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