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Team Names

Tophat Soccer Club teams are named according to high school graduation year. For example, Tophat-19 teams graduate in 2019. Where there is more than one competitive team in an age, teams are named Gold, Navy, White or Blue, indicating approximate level of play. Gold teams are intended to be the most competitive team within an age, and to require the highest level of participation and commitment.

It might seem that the best 18 players in an individual age group would be assigned to the Gold team, the next best 18 to the Navy team, and the third best to the White team. However, because friendships develop among players within teams, and because some excellent players play other sports have other activities that prevent them from making the travel commitment required in the next higher level of play, there are many fine players and players with great ability and potential on each team within an age group.

Tophat Age Policy

Tophat requires players to play in their age appropriate group. Players do not play up, with two exceptions. For college recruiting and team integrity reasons, Tophat strongly encourages high school age players who are a year ahead in school to play with the team with which they will graduate. Secondly, goalkeepers are infrequently assigned to a different age group than their normal age group.

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